Resident Evil 7 planned for second half of FY 2016 – Capcom

resident evil 6

Capcom has revealed in their financial statements that they are preparing to release a full-scale offensive Resident Evil game in the second half of the year, which could suggest fiscal year 2016.

Resident Evil 6 was announced and released in the same year so we might see a similar strategy with Resident Evil 7.

Street Fighter V was not as successful for Capcom as they thought and sold around 1.5 million units across PS4 and PC. Their hopes lie on a major Resident Evil title which should sell around 6 million.

Resident Evil 6 was not received that well by critics so we may see some shake-up for the upcoming sequel. Resident Evil Umbrella Corps will be released before the mainline title, Capcom revealed.

Stay tuned for E3 2016 as we may see the game being officially revealed at Sony press conference. The game is rumoured to be in development since 2013.

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