ResetEra forum Is Live, NeoGAF Alternative Off To a Good Start

We reported about the chaos in a preeminent gaming forum called NeoGAF where the entire moderation team and swathes of users abandoned the forum.

NeoGAF owner EviLore made a statement addressing the allegation and it wasn’t received positively by the community.

There have been many GAF alternatives popping up but the main one is called ResetEra. It runs on a XenForo platform and is quite modern compared to GAF.

Many GAF communities are on Discord and it seems the registration is closed and invite only for now. The codes for registration are going out in waves to the communites and the forum already has 3000 members right now.

It is off to a good start and we can already see a lot of familiar NeoGAF users posting actively. It remains to be seen what the impact on GAF will be but it doesn’t look good right now.

ResetEra are on Twitter as well and there will be open registrations soon.