How to remove unwanted games from PS3 and PS Vita Trophy List

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Sony has added a function which allows you to remove games from the trophy list. This is available only to the PS Vita and has been added in the latest firmware 2.60, which had some pretty cool features including anti-aliasing for bubbles.

How cool is that?

The removal of games from trophy list is a function that many PS3 owners desired, however, considering the Vita has a better OS than the PS3, it’s not a surprise to see Sony trying it out there first. This could also mean that the PS4 will allow you to do this by default.

To remove a game from the list, all you need to do is “go to the trophy section and then click a game. Then click (…) in the bottom right corner and select [Privacy Settings].”

You can remove a game in which you have a platinum trophy and also remove a game of any percentage. This is a very useful feature and a must have for trophy collectors.

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