Red LED spotted on overheated PS4

ps4 blue featured

The PS4 has this beautiful LED strip that lights up when you boot the console. Did you know that it can also show a red colour? At a recent event in Spain, an overheated PS4 was spotted with the LED strip showing a red colour.

The security guards apparently opened the box and that made the error message go away and the LED colour blue again. Now this isn’t a complete proof of whether the PS4 overheated or not, but we will keep you updated.

Here’s the picture of the said console posted by an Elotrolado member (Spanish forum):

ps4 overheating led

  • PatcherStation

    After launch, it’ll be interesting to see some vids (probably on YouTube) at what’s inside the PS4. Sony going at it 24 hours a day to get as many consoles to retail and the fact that they managed to keep the price as low as possible, I bet the build quality is a bit iffy. It’ll be the same case with the Xbox One.

    • Jewy McJew

      I’m thinking they should have put a few more air-holes in the glass enclosure :)

  • Gamer Xtra

    PS4 will be my next console.. Enough of xbox and microsoft money sucking fraud.. SONY plz make sure it’s good coz im ditching xbox for ya!

  • Jess

    Uh oh