Rayman Legends Review (PS3)


Rayman Legends is one of the greatest platformers of this generation. I have no qualms starting off this review with such a bold statement. I loved Rayman Origins too and while it wasn’t an overall comprehensive game and did justice to its name as an innovative platformer, its successor manages to do that and in style.

The main thing to expect in this game is content, delicious incredible amount of content. I have been a bit of a disappointed person when it comes to this generation satisfying me some great platformers like the PS2 did. PS4 and Xbox One are already fulfilling that promise of filling the void, however, Rayman Legends is one of the best platformers you will find anywhere on any system.

There are three main cores to this game: Beautiful visuals, intelligent level design and of course enormous amount of content the game gives the player. What more do you need in a game anyway, especially a platformer like this?


The game is split up in a bunch of levels scattered across various stages, and each level is timed and you are scored depending on how fast you perform. But that’s not all. You will also have to rescue a set number of Teensies that will be trapped in the levels, and they are sometimes easier to find and finish the level with them.

This is where the challenge lies. If you go after a difficult Teensie and end up messing up the level, well you can always try again next time. Rayman Legends offers the player complete freedom to play as they want and once you master the game’s numerous levels, it will be a bliss trying to travel through them at rapid rate and by collecting all the Teensies.

There will be puzzles in-levels which are sometimes straightforward to excrutiangly difficult. It’s amazing how the developers have managed to put so much content in a platformer like this with so many levels, each varied and filled with things to do and stuff to find.

You can also play as different characters after unlocking them using the ingenious painting type world that has been designed. It’s all very straightforward again, just like the other parts of the game. While the characters are mechanically different in movement and they look different, they aren’t that radically different.


This is all exacerbated by the incredible visual design in the game. Having played the game on a PS3, it really does look like a painting come to life. From the design of the characters and the enemies and they way the animate, and enthrall the player with a unique style all comes together to give the player a satisfying experience.

Then there’s all the extra content, there’s co-op, there’s challenge modes, there’s so, so much more the game has to give the player after you have finished all of the main levels, which will take a lot of time to do depending on your skill, of course.

The levels are challenging and sometimes easy, and it has a good balance to thrill new and old players and show them what this game has to offer. The game was originally delayed after being announced for the Wii U and it would have been a shame if the other platforms got to miss out on this game. It’s truly a gem.