Ratchet & Clank Review (PS4) – Charming Duo Are Back

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There have been many Ratchet and Clank games released for the PlayStation platforms since 2002 and it is one of Sony’s best IPs. Lately there has been a lack of interest in these games and a reboot was needed to reintroduce the audience to some great platforming goodness. With the announcement of a movie which will be released on April 29, a remake of the first game was also announced for the PS4.

The first Ratchet and Clank should¬†be a special game for many fans, it introduces both the main characters and also sets a tone of the upcoming games to follow. The remake comes at a time when there’s a dry spell on the PS4 and it feels like it is just what the doctor ordered.

Insomniac Games have done a full remake by keeping the original levels and significantly bringing it up to the standards gamers demand in 2016. As a result, it is probably one of the most beautiful games ever made. It just looks like a Pixar movie in video game form. The game runs at 30fps which is kinda disappointing but it maintains that frame rate well. That probably allowed developers to add more eye candy to the game.

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The game looks colourful and a lot of things in the world can be destroyed for bolts. It is a great feeling to see tons of bolts come to you and to see the number go up. Bolts are a currency in the game which can be used to buy weapons for Ratchet. There is also a thing called Raritanium which can be used to upgrade weapons. Ratchet has an arsenal of unique and fun to use weapons. It is the one thing that defines this series so well. Insomniac’s creativity has been showcased well through these weapons.

The Sheepinator can turn enemies into sheep. There’s a Groovitron which makes the enemies dance and it looks really funny as well. And of course there’s the mighty Ryno as well which is a superweapon found in almost all Ratchet and Clank games. You probably won’t acquire the Ryno before you beat the final boss and that makes a lot of sense as it would’ve made the game trivial. There are a ton of gadgets at Ratchet’s disposal as well. The jetpack is a lot of fun but can be only used in certain levels or planets. Grindboots lets you grind rails and of course there’s clank who complements Ratchet pretty well.

Ratchet and Clank has a charming story. You are introduced to characters like Captain Quark and Dr. Nefarious. There are lovely cutscenes and some from the upcoming movie as well. The dialogues are well written and humorous, and since Captain Quark is narrating the entire story of the game, his random quips will surely elicit a chuckle out of you.


You face a lot of unique enemies in the game. It’s a joy to creatively kill these enemies as they have unique animations. There’s a trophy for using the Grooviton on every enemy in the game and I suggest you do that just to see how hilarious it can be to watch things like fish– yes fish– dance to it. Ratchet with his trusty wrench can destroy every crate he can find, it is almost like a ritual now.

The game took me around 10 hours to complete. There are a lot of collectibles as well including a card set that gives bonuses to the amount of bolts and raritanium you can collect. You can also get more card drops as you complete three card sets. To obtain the Ryno you have to collect 9 cards, and these cards are unique which means you can’t get them by killing enemies. The rest of the cards can just be gotten by trading in duplicate cards.

There are gold bolts hidden in difficult to reach locations which will allow you to unlock extras and use cheats. You have to revisit certain planets after you get the required gadgets to obtain some of them. There are some that can be obtain by winning hoverboard races in two planets. You can also aim for the gold trophy which can be a little difficult but is doable. There are some sections where you fly your ship and these are the worst sections in the game. The ship is very hard to control and is extremely frustrating shoot enemies.

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There’s a challenge mode which can be accessed after beating the game once. It is like a new game plus mode where all your weapons, gold bolts, bolts, and cards are carried over allowing you to complete everything. There’s also a bolt multiplier which makes it easier to accumulate bolts and buy all the weapons. If you choose to go for all the trophies you can easily end up investing around 20 hours in the game which is quite good considering the game costs only $40.

Ratchet and Clank for the PS4 is one of the best games on the system. While it’s not completely original due to being a remake, it is still worth a purchase considering the lower price and the quality of the remake. There’s not a lot of good platformers on the PS4 and playing Ratchet and Clank reminded me how creative Insomniac Games are and how these games defined the PS2 back in those days.



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