Quantum Break Is Getting a Day 1 PC Release – Confirmed

quantum break screenshot xbox one 1

Update: It’s official. Quantum Break is coming to PC on April 5th.

Quantum Break by Remedy Games which was supposed to be released on the Xbox One is coming to the PC as well, according to a dev who told it to Gamestar–a reliable German gaming site.

They say that they were told of this at a Quantum Break event. However, it is likely that it will not be released on Steam and will be Windows 10 exclusive, which shouldn’t really matter to most PC gamers considering getting this game on the platform is a big deal in itself.

There is no console exclusivity and it will be a simultaneous release, Gamestar speculates.

This information is not official yet and we may get some news soon from Microsoft. Till that treat it as a solid rumour.

The release date for the Xbox One version was April 5th and it looks like the PC version may release on the same date as well.

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