Quantic Dream’s PS4 Project “Ambitious”, No Heavy Rain Sequel Planned

the dark sorcerer ps4

Quantic Dream’s games may be mechanically similar to each other but they’ve never made a direct sequel to any of their games in the sixteen years of their existence. Studio founder David Cage has revealed that they prefer to work with new ideas and take risks instead of just churning out a sequel.

He had a live interview (translated by us) with the readers of a French newspaper 20 Minutes and had a lot of interesting things to say about the studio’s relationship with Sony, their PS4 project and also why fans shouldn’t really expect sequel to any of their games. Of course, anything could happen, but here’s Cage’s reasoning on the matter.

“There is no sequel planned to Heavy Rain for the moment. We preferred to work on new ideas and explore another world, working on another experiment with Beyond: Two Souls. There is both the fear of boredom or repetition, and the idea that people who are interested in our work expect from us that we take risks. It does not want say that we will never make sequels now, but I must feel I have something new to say on the same universe. Heavy Rain has really been appreciated by many fans around the world, I do not want to recreate a less successful experience as the original game, just to make money…”

He also revealed that The Dark Sorcerer demo that was shown for the PS4 gives an idea of what people can visually expect from their games. They also have an exclusive relationship with Sony to develop games on PlayStation platforms.

They have been working for two years on an “ambitious” PS4 game and the project is very different from they’ve done so far.

“We have been working for nearly two years on a new extremely ambitious PS4 project, very different from what we have done so far. Every game, we try to give it new technical and artistic challenges, and try to explore new ways. I really can not say more for the moment. From a purely graphical point of view, our demo ‘The Dark Sorcerer’ gives an idea of what it is possible to make on the PS4…”

Their latest game Beyond: Two Souls is scheduled to release on the PS3 in a few days (with no plans for a PS4 version) and the embargo lifts today. Stay tuned for our review of the game as it goes live in a few hours.