PSVR Guide: How To Set Up and Finalize your VR Headset


PlayStation VR is almost out but some people already have it in their hands. There are a lot of wires but the setup is fairly straightforward. We have the complete guide of how to setup your PSVR once you unbox it.

The headset package costs $399 and there are a bunch of launch games you can download from the PlayStation Store. The headset has been getting good reviews for build quality, comfort, and the overall plug and play experience. It certainly seems like a more polished product than the other VR headsets on the market and looks premium as well.

VR offers a different more realistic gaming experience and it is certainly a major change for the gaming industry.  If VR takes off, we could be looking at a lot of innovate new games from big studios.

The PSVR might offer a better experience with the PS4 Pro.

Here’s an unboxing video from PlayStation that shows what’s in the box.

Here’s how to setup your PSVR

Here’s how to finalize your PSVR