PSOrbis domain registered by Sony, redirects to PlayStation site

Why would a company register a domain which is supposedly a codename for its next-generation console?

Earlier it was revealed that “” was actually the domain name of the developer website, which was then fixed by Sony. Even if you type that in your browser it redirects to, and now with the recent revelation that a domain name called “PSOrbis” actually exists, and it also redirects to the main Japanese Playstation website, could this be a hint that Orbis is a name that will be heavily related to the PS4?

Of course, it could be a defense domain grab as well, but then, why would it be redirected to the main PlayStation site?

That’s not all, though. Sony has apparently also registered “PlaystationOrbis” domain, however, that doesn’t redirect to the main PlayStation site. Now when you do a Whois ping on both these domains, they are set to private, but when the PSOrbis domain redirects to Sony’s PlayStation website, it’s clear who the domain owner is.

The thing to note here is that Sony is no stranger to using Latin names for its products, and if Orbis is indeed something more than a codename, it won’t be surprising if it is actually the name of the next PlayStation console, and it would also complement the Vita well.

Also it looks like a third party domain owner can redirect the site to any domain he wants, and the only way to make sure that it is indeed Sony is when the name servers are same.

What are your thoughts on this?