PSN still under DDOS, sporadic outages continue

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It seems hackers have not left PlayStation Network alone yet, as the service is still experiences sporadic outages. Lizard Squad in a recent tweet revealed that Sony have taken the services of Prolexic- A well known anti-DDOS service.

Inspite of that the service seems to be down right now. This does not bode well for Destiny’s launch on September 9th.

It looks like they attacked Xbox Live as well but they could not take it down. Microsoft has thousands of servers across the world and they are able to re-reoute the traffic because the company offers a lot of services like Office for which they need a strong infrastructure.

Sony has not commented on the latest outage but they don’t really need to because they have already revealed the reason for it.

Update: Sony PlayStation official Twitter account has tweeted this message:

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