PSN is down right now and Sony doesn’t have a Clue (10/2)

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If you are wondering why your PS4 isn’t logging onto PSN when Sony hasn’t announced any planned maintenance, then you would be surprised to know that the paid service is down once more.

It could be due to DDOS but no one has claimed responsibility for it yet, or it may be due to some other reason. People are obviously frustrated with Sony and they have every right to since PSN costs money now.

Even the Sony webstore is down right now so you gotta hold off on those purchases. A lot of good games are gonna be released this month and frankly PSN being down consistently nowadays might just put the ball in Microsoft’s court.

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  • Godzui

    Erm… PSN is still free.

    • Nuragna

      PS4 to play online cost now only Vita and ps3 are still free but ps4 needs PS+ now to play online

      • Punkindrublic1

        Obviously someone is still living in the past :P

        • Nuragna

          XD yea I love ps+ for the discounts and freebee games I get so paying to play online still doesn’t seem real to me, xD since i never was gonna cancel my sub to plus (: