PSN gets PayPal support in the U.S.

Sony has added PayPal support to the Playstation Network for U.S. users.

The service was down for almost two days and people were wondering if they got hacked or something, but it was actually for something better. They have added PayPal support and you can now add funds to your PSN wallet using the service.

There are a lot of benefits of this service, one is obviously security. PayPal offers a secure way of using your card and the numbers won’t be revealed to any third-party service. It’s one of the advantages of using it over inputting direct CC details.

You can either do this by accessing your Sony Entertainment Network account online, or do it via the PS3. Both the methods are simple and it is very easy to add funds using this.

PSN has come a long way since 2007 and the current version is much better and stable than what it was before.

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