PSN Down, Getting DDOSed along with Other Services

psn featured

It looks like PSN has gone down due to a DDOS. If you were hoping to boot up Destiny and play Trials of Osiris, then you may have to change your plans, as the network is down right now.

PSN wasn’t the only site that was being DDOSed as Amazon, Twitter and other major sites were also facing troubles. It seems to be related to a central provider named DYN.

It’s unfortunate that these attacks are happening during weekend because plenty of gamers will be planning to wind down and being unable to log into PSN should be disappointing.

Sony’s network has been the target of many attacks after the hacking of the PS3 which seemed to open the floodgates. Considering PSN is a paid service now, the downtime is inexcusable. Sony are looking into the problem and have acknowledged that something’s wrong.

This is what PlayStation UK Twitter posted:

“We’re aware that some PSN services are currently unavailable. Our engineers are investigating the problem and we will update soon.”

PSN was last DDOSed in 2014 by Lizard Squad. Xbox Live seems to be impervious to such attacks mostly because Microsoft has tons of servers.

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