PSN and Xbox Live may Go Down During Christmas… Again

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Remember when PSN and Xbox Live went down last year when Lizard Squad went on a rampage. It seems like another hacker group called the Phantom Squad is threatening to take out these online gaming services this year for a whole week.

Last year Kim Dot Com, an avid gamer and founder of Mega, made a deal with the hackers to stop attacking these services in leiu of life time memberships of Mega. This year it won’t be possible, he says, because he gave enough time for Sony and Microsoft to upgrade their infrastructure and to be fair it wouldn’t be right to expect him to save the day again.

Only time will tell if Sony and Microsoft have done something about this but it is very difficult to defend against these attacks so gamers should be prepared for the services to go down. Good thing they have offline games such as Fallout 4 and Xenoblade Chronicles X to lessen the pain. The Wii U is probably safe from these attacks.

Here’s an image showing what they are planning to do.

phantom squad psn xbox live

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