PSN Accounts Banned Due to Erroneous PayPal Chargebacks

If you have bought something on PSN using PayPal and find your account banned by Sony, it might be a mistake and you will have to wait until Sony and PayPal fix this problem.

A lot of companies ban your account for chargebacks and Sony is one of them. PayPal has mistakenly chargebacked a ton of PSN accounts which has in-turn caused Sony to ban these accounts or restrict them until all the dues are paid.

However, since these chargebacks are not undertaken by PSN users, it is mainly the fault of PayPal as something must have gone wrong. Sony and PayPal are both in talks to fix this problem, according to Kotaku UK.

Sony’s PlayStation lines are very busy right now so banned users should wait for a while for Sony to unban them instead of panicking and trying to call the support.

We will update once we receive more information.

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