PS4 won’t be sold at a major loss, says Sony

Sony are doing things differently with the PS4 than they did with the PS3.

They are making sure that they won’t be making a lot of losses with the system’s launch due to going with off-the-shelf parts rather than designing chips in-house.

The company posted a $458 million profit for fiscal year 2012 and have revealed during their earnings call that the production for majority of the parts the comprise the PS4 will be done by their third-party partners.

“Unlike PS3, we are not planning a major loss to be incurred with the launch of PS4,” Sony CFO Masaru Kato revealed.

“At the time we developed PS3, we made a lot of in-house investments to develop the chip, the Cell chip. Development of the chip saw the silicon processing and all the facilities invested by us ourselves.

“But this time, yes we have a team working on chip development, but we already have existing technology to incorporate and also product investment and all the facilities will now be invested by our partners, other foundries, so we don’t have to make all the investment in-house.”

This is good news for the company which expects to break even fast with the system and turn a profit quickly compared to the PS3.

Via Eurogamer.