PS4 will have free online: PlayStation World Details – Update

Update: Sony’s E3 conference just concluded today. They have officially announced the pricing for the online multiplayer. It’s $5 per month and $60 per year.

You can check out our E3 2013 coverage on PS4 here.

Original: We have some new rumour on PlayStation World, which is said to be the new service Sony will be using for PS4’s online.

The name was chosen to unite all the products in the company and give off an impression that they all have a common goal. The rumour is that the PlayStation 4 will have a free online network, much like the PS3, but there will also be a paid service which encompasses sharing and PS Plus.

The service will cost $89, and here are the features. This is a rumour for now until Sony officially announces the service at the PS Meeting 2013 where they are expected to reveal the PS4.


– Online free as the current Playstation Network
– Voice chat between all PlayStation certified devices, ie consoles and smartphones

Payment: (annual cost of about $ 89.)

– Playstation Plus (included with these services previously have) enhanced new proposals, users PS4
– Access to Gaikai for cloud-gaming with the option to play for free to list some of the titles in a month, while others pay
– Share photos and / or videos directly to YouTube
– More space for saved games in the cloud

  • David Ferrara

    Very nice. Fair enough.

  • imabitchiknowthatyousuckdick

    I want to free online or else ill buy xbox

    • TheCreedux

      You know xbox will require payment to play online, right?


        However if you’re going to pay you may as well pay for the better service with more features.

        • XBOXSUCKS

          then get ps4 for better service and free online!

  • krispy

    If it aint free, we might as well keep getting ripped off by xbox

    • bolo_bolo

      stfu. xbox online gold$$$ is a fuckin joke. it shouldn’t exist at all. PAY FOR ACCESS to Netflix and youtube ??? what a fuckin scam. xbox can suck my long dick

  • AlfieBoyyyyyyyy

    ill buy xbox if it is not free online thats aload of old bull crap.

    • bolo_bolo

      IT IS FREE, moron. read above: PS4 FREE ONLINE.

      • Jarnell D Crisler

        are your sure because they will change something at the last minute you no

      • Marcel Hoppen

        Read: Update: Sony’s E3 conference just concluded today. They have officially announced the pricing for the online multiplayer. It’s $5 per month and $60 per year.

  • IceDaleks


  • Dillon Graff

    you people are idiots. First of all it says that what we have now will continue to be free with the addition of voice chat. Why the fuck would “switch to xbox” your vague threats are retarded. Oh youre finally going to start charging me? Let me go buy a system that charges more a month than you do and will cost me an equivalent to 6 years of your online membership

    • Jason

      I have both.. I have to say 89$ a year is way too much! The 360 already has cloud save. I pay 99 a year and have 4 gold gamertags. The amount of apps available on the 360 out way the ps3 big time.With the kinnect you can do video chat as well… I haven’t given up on sony.. but free online was really the only plus.. well that and the online players just aren’t as good as the 360 players. Always helps the ego a bit to play some COD on the playstation; lol

      • Willy Alexander

        same happens on xbox when youre used to playstation. happens to me all the time.

      • xboxonewilldie

        actually mlg has already said alot of the best cod players are on ps3, and they made a mistake not linking the systems for online, so youre statement is retarded, like the xbox one

        • knowerofall

          Lmao at best cod players on ps3, thats so cute. If that were the case then I’m pretty sure the tournies would be held on ps3’s and not 360’s.

          • Gangs

            tournies are sponsered by microsoft. Only reason there are xboxes

          • None

            As a PS3 player, I went to a local tournament played on xboxes. My entire team were friends who play PS3. We wiped the floor with all the xbox kids and went undefeated. I don’t even play COD regularly anymore, I hadn’t played in about three months when I showed up that day. It is definitely not true that all the best players are on 360.

          • Cole

            Ps3 controllers are better to, your hands are mirrored, the ps3 controller is mirrored, xbox is not. Xbox people have to buy scuf controllers because the stocks are trash.

      • Jim Gerard

        what are you going to do with kinect?

        play kinectimals?

      • Dale Pierson

        I own a phone. I don’t need to video chat with 12 year old spoiled homos like yourself.

      • Billy

        too bad m$ canceled the 4 gamertag family plan out of the blue on everyone, now both consoles are even more similar

    • Peter Andersson

      This might actually be the point that makes me switch over to xbox one, the one thing that made me pick ps3 over xbox 360 was that you had to pay to play online on xbox 360, now that advantage is gone. (Im a windows guy so xbox always seemed like a better option but it was not worth the monthly cost)…

  • Mudds

    Do we Get thoes stuff below tthe Payment $89…

    Do we Get them with out it or no

    Cus i will styll get it but i do not wanna be restricted to its new features -_-

  • david

    This is WRONG WRONG WRONG its only 5 DOLLARS they said it in the stream at E3 Dont believe this PEOPLE

  • david

    this wrong its FIVE DOLLARS NOT 89 DOLLARS ARE INSANE GET UR FACTS RIGHT they said it at E3 im not LIEING

  • Jarnell D Crisler

    This is what I believe in: Why can we just stick with the old days and not have to pay for online gaming. I will like to be a PS4 plus member but I got others stuff to buy like call of duty season pass for the next call of duty ghosts. They said something about you have to pay for something that is 5dollars$ can somebody tell me more info………

    • Candace Benson

      basically its the same as paying for plus with maybe 10 dollars more a year (plus is included)

  • AudioInjectedSoul

    Pay to play online? No thanks. I’m done with consoles, sticking with PC for this generation. It’s better anyway.

    • jacory turner

      Get a job broke motherfucker

      • AudioInjectedSoul

        Sounds like somebody can’t afford a gamer-PC with better graphics and performance, not to mention no annoying pay to play online shit ;)
        Who’s the motherfucker now, bitch.

  • HeavenlyDemonicKid

    The fact that you have to pay to play online is just a ripoff. I mean, you pay big money for the console, you pay more money for a game, and then to enjoy it with friends, you pay even more money. Come on Sony, you can do better than that! Just beacause Microsoft are doing that with the Xbox it doesnt mean its good or that you should do it as well.

  • dre93

    lol bitches u guys r so scared 2 pay 5$


    – moderated

  • dion bowen

    hey guys i am a massive fan of xbox i have had a ps3 in the past .my dads a postman he delivers post to someone who works for microsoft and he told me that the xbox one is the worst microsoft console ever made, no i love xbox 360 and i was planning on getting xbox one but for the price you pay for gold is ridiculous its $10 for one month gold id rather pay $5 for month on playstation i love xbox but for that reason im getting an ps4, ( if u want to add me on xbox its XxPOTATOxGUNZ or on ps3 its mckingy1991)

  • tyrell

    can’t believe we have to pay online for playstation4 that so stupid! Ps3 had the upper hand with free online. Now Sony doing the exact opposite! Why Sony why! I don’t want to pay 60 dollars a year just to play online! Every day your not on your playstation4 that’s money going down the drain. I mean I could afford that its just I don’t want to pay to play online! Sony needs to change that!

    • jacory turner

      Lmao it’s called getting a job. Get off off your asses and work. But people who tell who tell their xboxes to do commands are also lazy too

  • Dale Pierson

    Everyone saying they are going to Xbox, please do. We don’t like your kind on the PSN anyways.