PS4 Users Facing CE-32937-4 and SU-30709-9 Error with 2.04 FW Update

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PS4 firmware update 2.04 is now live but there is a problem with it and many users are unable to download the update as it ends in an error or keeps randomly stopping.

It is advisable to not download the update as something seems to be wrong. If you manually go to settings and click on system software update you may get an SU-30709-9 error. If you do manage to start the download it may fail and give you CE-32937-4 error.

You can try to disable “connect to network” option in the settings and then try the download again, or just wait a few hours.

The firmware update doesn’t seem to add any new features and just seems like a stability update according to the changelog.

We will keep you updated once we hear more on this.

Update: The issue seems to be have been resolved for many and Sony has commented as well.

  • TheJailbirdGamer

    I have been encountering the SU-30709-9 error when trying to install to PS4. It is now updating at a steady pace. Just as a went to play destiny! I fixed the update by turning off my PS4, turning it back on, trying to enter playstation stor and using the update later button to proceed with the update. I hope this works! :)

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    “Update: The issue seems to be have been resolved”