PS4: Used Games Creates Value, Says Sony

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The PS4 is set to be a consumer friendly console and one of the reasons why they didn’t go with always-online connection and something in place for used games is because it creates value.

Sony’s Jack Tretton revealed that not a lot of countries can support proper broadband like the United States.

“We’re most concerned about the consumer. And we really appeal to consumers on a worldwide basis,” he told Gamespot. “And I think in the United States, we realize there’s a high degree of broadband adoption, but we’re in a lot of countries where people don’t have the ability to connect on a daily basis and we want to appeal to consumers worldwide.

“The other thing as it relates to the ownership of the game, if people pay a lot of money for that, they equate the value with the flexibility they have in that. To do with it as they choose,to give it to their friends, sell it to their friends, trade it in to another retailer; that creates value in the initial purchase that they make.”

Sony has been on a roll recently and it’s nice to see them think about consumers first. The console is priced at $399 and the crowd at E3 erupted into a massive cheer once it was announced.