PS4 Software or Hardware Bundles For Europe Is A Possibility

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US has the advantage of software bundles which are selling pretty well on Amazon. Not only do they offer great price but saves you the hassle of buying separate software. There have been Killzone: Shadow Fall, Watch_Dogs bundles so far for the US.

There can also be a bundle that contains accessories but it hasn’t been announced yet for the US market, and Europeans are wondering when they will get a bundle. The answer could be soon according to SCEE’s Jim Ryan.

“That is something we are looking at. In Europe we have had success with offering premium propositions that offer great value. We honestly have not made any decisions about what we are doing at launch. But it is something we are looking at,” he told MCV.

There should be some new colors for the PS4 since it looks absolutely gorgeous in White. No it isn’t official yet but check out our designs.

In case they do announce it, we will keep you updated so stay tuned to Gamechup.

The information about PS4 bundles for Europe can be found in the latest issue of MCV.

  • Azyral

    Not just Killzone: Shadow Fall and Watch Dogs, but also Battlefield 4 and Knack. Why aren’t you mentioning those games that also comes bundled with a PS4? Are you seriously that much of a hater? I bet if CoD was bundled with a PS4, you would’v mentioned it in the article. Pathetic.

    • Magilla187

      The Cod Ghost is bundled with the PS4 as well, they also had a sports bundle which was sold out and a BF4 bundle which is selling extremely well