PS4 Slim is real, Unboxing Video and GIF of new controller

ps4 slim real

We reported earlier that PS4 Slim may have leaked out into someone’s hands and images have been spreading all throughout the internet. We were not sure whether the images were real or not, although they looked pretty damn good.

In this era of 3D printing, it’s advisable to wait before calling something real because people have known to create some amazing fakes.

However, this PS4 slim is real and we have an unboxing video which also shows a fancy new controller. Well, not new, but it has a lightbar in the touchpad. A bootup video was also shown removing all suspicion that the console was fake.

Sony will officially announce the console and Neo on September 7th. The PS4 slim is reported to go on sale on September 14th. It remains to be seen if Sony will bring forward the PS4 Slim reveal announcement.

Check out the video below. Sony is removing these videos from YouTube so we will update the post with a better source if this one goes away.

Here’s a GIF showing the controller in action.

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