PS4 Shortages Possible, Sony Warns


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Sony has done a good job in showcasing the PS4 at E3 this year and SCE CEO Andrew House has mentioned that the console may be in short supply due to the incredible demand.

If you check Amazon and other outlets out there, the console is outpacing the Xbox One in preorders, which is battling a current consumer backlash due to their DRM policies.

Due to the good performance by the PS4 at the conference and Sony’s positive policies, the company is expected to sell a lot of units this year and has internally raised its projection due to a strong demand, The Wall Street Journal reports.

House warns that “demand may well outstrip supply.”

Have you preordered the console yet? There are chances it may be difficult to find it on shelves when it comes out later this year so it’s better to get do it now itself. The console costs $399 and will be released this year.

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