PS4 sells out on Amazon Germany, Jan 2014 delivery for preorders after sep 30

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PS4 is proving to be quite the popular console in European markets. It has been revealed via Amazon Germany that preorders placed after September 30th will receive their consoles sometime in January 2014.

Sony had earlier revealed that they had more than 1 million preorders worldwide and UK was a major contributor, and it seems the other European regions aren’t doing that shabby either.

Here’s what their description reads (translated):

All pre-orders after 30th September 2013, are expected until after Christmas, but delivered no later than the end of January 2014. Customers with a delivery address in Germany, up to and including the 5th August 2013 have pre-ordered, the PS4 will receive on the release date. Pre-orders that between the 6th August 2013 and 30 September, 2013 is to be delivered as soon as possible depending on availability before Christmas.

The situation is same in Gamestop Germany as well and PS4 preorders after September 30th will get their consoles in Jan 2014.

Update: More reports are coming in that the situation is same in France as well with retailer Micromania also mentioning a January 2014 delivery period.

Via Amazon Ger; GAF

  • Jack Slater

    One million, it was a long time ago. With the crazy momentum, all the interest from people, many people dropping the concurrent system, all the millions Nintendo fans that didn’t buy the Wii u, and are super interested in next gen consoles,well, with all that people, maybe at Sony, they are going crazy, maybe they hadn’t even expected 20% of the current success. And the more people hear that X country, the ps4 is sold out, the more everybody start trying to get one as well.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there are already 4-7 million ps4 pre orders worldwide.
    But instead of bragging about the insane pre-orders, like would microsoft do, for sure, they prefer staying modests and quiet, to avoid things like microsoft adopting some countermeasures, in order to attract people, like announcing the xbox one at 349$, for example, they would compensate the loss with live gold subscriptions, or raising the windows 9/office 20xx , 10 or 20$ more. Or by offering a second controller and 3 full games. Or going totally crazy, and spending 200-300 million $, so call of duty become exclusive to the xbox one. Maybe 70-80% of the x360 owners only play cod/gears/halo. These millions gamers will buy the next next-gen cod game + the console where it can be played, even if the console is called ‘tacochip 720’. Son, if cod was exclusive to the xbox one,there would be like 10 million cod games + consoles sold in a couple of months.

    I wonder how many ps4 pre orders Sony will announce, just before its release.
    One thing is sure: Taiwan factories must be working at 300%, stacks of desks/workers , something really really crazy, we can’t even imagine.

    Meanwhile, at Nvidia HQ:
    *damn, we should have accepted the deals, we can bash the amd processors and praise our products, less and less people are buying our +700$ cards*

    Meanwhile, at Amd HQ:
    * we are producing chips for 3 consoles, our mantle drivers will blow everything away, our next graphic card will eat titan cornflakes at breakfast, now let’s release a CPU 50% faster than a 4770, with only 85W, for only 200 bucks.thank you, customers and gamers*