PS4 Saudi Arabia Pricing, Launch details and Images

ps4 saudi 5

Sony has revealed the pricing of the PS4 for Saudi Arabia. It will be launching on December 13, just like the rest of the Middle East. They held a conference yesterday at 4 seasons hotel ” kingdom tower” where they announced the details for the region.

Here’s the pricing:

  • PS4 standalone 1800 SAR ($480)
  • PS4 + Killzone or Watch dogs bundle 2000 SAR ($533)
  • PS4 + Killzone + another controller and Camera 2200 SAR ($586)

Here’s some images from the conference (via GAF member Hasan):

ps4 saudi 2 ps4 saudi 3

  • Psytrix

    The biggest pack cost just $36 more then what just a standalone console will set you back in AUS.. Geez we get ripped off downunder..

  • PatcherStation

    In the UK, games can top £60. In the US, games can top $60, which converts into £37. I know in the US there is different rates of tax, but even so, the UK once again gets shafted. UK VAT is currently at 20%, but VAT is included in the price. A £350 console converts into $558 (US). $480 (US) converts into £300 for a console in Saudi Arabia.

    • KuchikiSentou

      Everybody that isn’t the US gets ripped off. What you need to do is to make sure that the medium of foreign exchange is no longer the US Dollar.