PS4 Sales Gets a Huge Boost After PS4 Pro Launch in the UK


The Xbox One has been doing pretty well in the western markets after the launch of Xbox One S. The PS4 had lead this generation for a long time and it looked like it had slowed down but after the launch of the PS4 Pro in the UK, the sales have tripled.

The PS4 console sales have gone up 204% since the PS4 Pro’s launch. This is week-on-week data. Of the total PS4 sales, 65% of them were the PS4 Pro, the original models also had a boost thanks to the PS4 Pro’s launch.

The console costs around $400 for the 1TB model and was launched on November 10th. Microsoft’s successor to the Xbox One S, codenamed Scorpio, will be released next year and will be more powerful than the PS4 Pro.

Sony aims the PS4 Pro at people who have a 4K TV with HDR capabilities. It has not launched in countries like India yet.

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