PS4 Remote Play Has no Lag, System Software still in development – Yoshida

ps vita remote play with ps4

Sony world wide studios president Shuhei Yoshida has revealed that the remote play function on the PS4 has zero lag and works really smoothly when streamed to the Vita.

He said that he played Assassin’s Creed 4 backstage and it was an identical experience on the PS4 and the Vita. He also revealed that developers have to concentrate on providing a proper control layout for the Vita because the system has less buttons, other than that “it simply works”.

The system software is also not complete yet, according to him.

“It’s just a matter of us finishing the system software,” he told IGN. “As demonstrated by the Assassin’s Creed team [at Gamescom] it’s really working.”

The PS Vita has touch controls as well and in a way it nullifies the fact that it has fewer buttons than the DualShock 4. It’s up to the game developers to provide a layout that works well.

The remote play works at Vita’s native resolution and is downscaled by the PS4.

  • GaySkull

    “some hardware companies are gonna get a hurt real bad”

  • Exposed

    No lag? LOL. There is a reason why competitive gamers use wired controllers. Anything that is not directly connected, with today’s technology, is going to have some form of lag. Whether you can consciously realize it or not, its there.

    • mike

      When he says no lag, he means it has no perceptible lag. When you see the 60ms lag on kinekt, or 30ms lag with the PS move, maybe it has 1-5ms lag,which would be amazing.

      Some years ago, when I used to play games on PC,with my provider, I often had a 9ms ping. And that, when playing against people 10000 miles away.

      If they can achieve like 5-10 ms of lag, we should see no difference when playing on the vita, or on ps4.

      It’s going to be amazing, being able to go outside the house, garden, etc, and be able to play a ps4 game on the vita. Once the ps4 is out and people see its true potential, with the new price and upcoming titles, the vita sales could skyrocket. And it deserves plenty of success, it’s a great device. Too bad the memory cards cost and arm and leg.