PS4 prototype controller picture captured in another angle

We earlier reported how the PS4 dev kit controller looks like, but now we have another image which shows the controller in another angle.

It looks much better from this angle, much smaller too, and features all the traditional PlayStation buttons that people have been accustomed to. The touch pad is more clear and feels like a glossy material.

The d-pad is more prominent but considering this is a prototype dev kit controller it seems to be less polished. This angle shows that the controller is slightly bigger than the Dualshock 3 and also at the right size.

The console will be revealed on February 20, where we will finally get to see the final controller design. Although, it probably won’t look much different form the ones that were leaked. You can also check out the features of the controller.

You can check out the second picture of the controller below. What do you think about it?