PS4 news: Dualshock controller design to be abandoned by Sony

Sony will drop the Dualshock design for its controllers, according to a new rumour.

The report by CVG mentions that they have sources who have claimed that Sony is working on plenty of new prototypes and none of them was a Dualshock design. The biggest information has to be the one where they mention the PS4 could be revealed in weeks, not months.

The design was used for sixteen-years by Sony, and it has been revealed that they are trying to unify their handheld and home consoles in a lot of areas. PS Vita’s touch pads are said to be integrated in a unique way.

Sony has been spending a lot of money on R&D and the PS4 controller could include biometric sensors on the grips and an LCD touchscreen, one of their sources say.

They also have another source who has said that PS Vita’s touch screen could make an appearance on their next system.

Thanks, CVG.