PS4K Neo Document Reveals More Info about the console

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PS4.5 or PS4k or PS NEO, the latter which is a codename for Sony’s upcoming hardware, will play all PS4 games and also offers 4KTV owners some extra visual fidelity and enhanced resolution.

We know for a fact that the NEO is real as Sony’s Andrew House has confirmed that they are indeed working on a new device which should launch in 2017.

A PDF for the console has been leaked which suggests that all games released after October 2016 will be playable in 4K resolution on the Neo.

We already know the specs of the device which offers a 2.3x teraflops GPU boost thanks to additional 18 CUs and slightly higher clock. The CPU’s clock has been increased as well but that looks like insignificant.

Microsoft’s Scorpio will offer 6 teraflops of computational power which looks like 2x more powerful than the NEO. It’s not clear if Sony intends to go with these specs or upgrade them to compete with the Scorpio but at this stage it kinda looks underwhelming.

Forward compatibility will be done via patches but it’s not mandatory for older games released before October 2016 to have NEO support, according to Sony.

ps4 neo specs 1

The memory bandwidth has been improved as well as you can see in the image above. The PDF doesn’t contain much new that hasn’t been already leaked before but it is interesting to note that Sony may be serious with this configuration as it is already July 2016.

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