PS4 malfunctions during a Japanese TV show, here’s the full video

This must be the first video ever of a PS4 failing to work, and it’s pretty funny as well. It was during The Playroom demonstration and Sony employees faced an embarrassing situation.

Things like these are sometimes inevitable and hard to predict if they aren’t pre-recorded, so that’s why you see companies playing safe when revealing their new products.

The console will be out next year in Japan.

  • 1800aaacool

    heheheehee shows ou how unreliable the ps4 clubs

  • Tim Green

    ps4 will not make as much money as microsoft. their modern day eye toy will be shit compared to the kinect. xbox live is much better than ps4’s online content. graphics on ps4 will probably be slightly better, but xbox put more effort into their system.

    • Cody Taylor

      The Kinect is a joke. Unless the industry starts taking it seriously for once, the most it can be is a $100 heap of wasted potential. Granted it could be great and I’d be on board if it was, but so far it’s pretty lacking.

      Speaking of online content, the only place XBL wins in server quality, and even that’s not very noticeable as I play on both Playstation and XBOX. Maybe a host migration every couple matches in CoD is the only major difference gameplay-wise I’ve seen. However for this gen PSN was free, and even in next-gen the perks you get with Playstation Plus, such as a huge selection of free and discounted content from the store, far outweighs the cost. The same can’t be said for XBL.

      Finally…Microsoft puts more effort into their systems? Don’t make me laugh. The first FIVE YEARS of this gen the 360 was rife with overheating problems (ever heard of the RROD?) until the 360 S came out, and the consumer accessibility, with the lack of removable and upgradable hard drives, is just terrible. Microsoft puts as much effort into their systems as it takes to make them work. They do not however go the extra mile like Sony always has to make the best console they can, even if does mean them losing a hefty amount of money per console sold. Which is strange seeing how Microsoft has loads more money than Sony.

      The only deciding factor that truly separates the two and gives one more of an advantage over the other is the games. And no matter how much money Microsoft chucks for timed and straight exclusives, it doesn’t help if the game doesn’t impress. That’s why my preference has always been with Sony. Games like God of War, Uncharted, The Last of Us, Ratchet & Clank, Infamous, Killzone, LBP, etc…I love them all. The only XBOX game I can think of that I loved was Blue Dragon; Mass Effect was great too but it became multiplatform later.

      So each console has their ups and downs that more or less even out when everything is taken into consideration. It’s the games that decide the victor, and seeing how more people thought the PS3 had better games and, despite the fact that it was a year behind the 360, it has managed to pull ahead in worldwide sales, setting the PS4 up to be the victor. Seeing how it’s launching the same year as the competition this time around chances are that, unless Microsoft pulls together and gets better games while Sony performs worse at the same time, the gap will be even greater in Sony’s favor.

    • 1800aaacool

      you reak of Microsoft fanboy

    • austin idol

      Of course microsoft makes more money. The red ring of death assures it except for people with the intelligence not to buy the 400 dollar drink coaster.

  • DanielOwns

    Oh shut up the Xbox one isn’t even a real system yet they had to use Computer gaming PC’s to show it at E3. Lets see how it works when it comes out LMAO!

    • Bailey Lawrence

      Quit being ignorant, all companies do that. What are you, new to the gaming industry?

  • Cody Taylor

    Shit happens, and I’m sure the XBOX One, Wii U, and every console in the past and future have had and will have this happen. Maybe not on television, but no console is perfect and they all mess up eventually. I’ll be getting the PS4 at launch and a One later now that the used game and online problems have been fixed, and at this stage in the game there isn’t much that can change that.

    • 1800aaacool

      true true very true the xbox one though sucks ass

      • Cody Taylor

        It’s not nearly as bad as people make it out to be. While primarily a Playstation gamer, I own an XBOX and play it on occasion for the few exclusives it has that I like (Blue Dragon, Dead Rising, Tales of Vesperia). The XBONE did suck back when used games were restricted and it required an internet connection, but now that those features are gone, and now that Sony is making PS+ a requirement for online play, the XBONE is more or less a PS4 with a higher price tag, although I’m likely to purchase the PS camera not long after or at launch so even that isn’t a big deal as it’s simply the camera being included instead of being separate.

        Looking at the features it has now, along with Titanfall and Ryse which both look pretty cool, the XBONE isn’t bad. Not as solid of a launch lineup as the PS4 has (plus the PS3 still has the exclusives Beyond: Two Souls and FFX to look forward to!), but good nonetheless. It won’t be until I get my hands on both that I’ll be able to say with any confidence how good or how bad the XBONE is though, until then I’m refraining from letting my preference for Playstation have me say something premature about a competing console that really doesn’t look half bad.

        • 1800aaacool

          I like it too but the fact that they were planning on treating their consumers like cash cows make me sick

          • Cody Taylor

            Yeah that wasn’t cool of them. But they reversed it pretty quick and now know better (at least until next-next-gen). Plus by the time I get a One there will have been plenty of time for others to figure out the pros and cons, so I’m not worried about it.

  • BlackMasamune

    And that’s why you don’t buy a launch console.

    • Quin1515

      It’s not a hardware issue, it’s the bright blue display next to her. The camera sees that instead of the light bar on the controller.

  • Quin1515

    You can see that it’s because of the bright blue background. The camera is picking that up instead of the light bar on the controller. Just don’t play with a bright neon blue display next to you, lol.

  • chris waudby

    look you ludites microsoft dont make rubbish hardware and little sony obviously does hence this video its a no brainer for me i will confidently say i will not be getting a ps4 ive never been intrested in the gaystation anyway i was a saturn owner in the 32 bit era then an xbox man then 360 so its xbox 0ne for me because its the better console easily

  • Rinkawa Erion

    Video is private so I cant view it =.=