PS4: List of 20 Features You Probably Don’t Know

We have a bunch of new information on the PS4, courtesy of a video from PS Access. The system was unveiled back in February and most people think they know a lot about the system, but there are still some things that are still unknown.

If you happen to know all the 20 things listed below, then well done, you are a true PS fan. The list below gives you a lot of information about the PS4 to be able to make a proper choice of which system to pick when both the PS4 and Xbox One comes out later this year.

1. New interface is called “PS dynamic menu”
2. PS4 HDD can be replaced
3. PS4 allos games to be accessed from other machines (when signed in)
4. One PS4 will be assigned as the “Home” PS4
5. It comes packaged with HDMI
6. Not region locked
7. Impressive camera
8. Camera has 4 mics
9. Video Unlimited movies will now be streamable on PS4
10. Instantly switch between games and apps
11. Touchpad is a pressable button
12. PS Mobile app will act as a second screen and allow game purchases
13. Cross game chat
14. Video compression/decompression and upload facilities
15. Suspend mode
16. Game uploads in background and in sleep mode
17. Gaikai for “best PS3 games”
18. Existing PS+ membership rolls over and price is the same
19. Sony Pictures working on new content
20. More than 140 games in development for PS4

Which one is your favourite PS4 feature? Let us know below.

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