PS4 Lets You have 2000 Friends, More Details

We have some new details on the PS4. It was earlier confirmed that the PS4 won’t require you to pay for cross-game chat and it will also let you have 2000 friends, which is 1900 more than what you can on the PS3.

Services like Netflix and other services are not locked behind a paywall, and you can access them just like you do on your PS3.

The PS4 dynamic menu can be customized, you can manage downloads and check what your friends are doing. For online game you do need PS Plus subscription, however, free-to-play games won’t require any subscription.

The console will only be available in Jet Black colour and you will be able to upgrade the HDD just like on the PS3.

Check out the entire Q&A below courtesy of PS Access.

  • Dean Nadin

    Not all online games require PS+. Thats up to the publisher last I checked. Example: FFXIV: A Realm Reborn, will NOT require PS+ because of its monthly fee.