PS4 Is Officially $349, Here Are the New Bundle Prices

white ps4 destiny

Sony has dropped the price of the PlayStation 4 in the US. During TGS they had announced a $50 drop for the PS4 in the Japanese region, now it is in the US as well.

They haven’t announced a drop for EU yet but we imagine they should do it soon.

The price drop is as of October 9. The PS4 will cost just $349 USD/ $429 CAD.

Our goal at PlayStation has always been to provide the best gameplay experiences at the best value, and we feel this new compelling price will open the doors to even more gamers that have yet to purchase a system.

Here are the new bundles that you can buy at the revised prices, it doesn’t include the MGSV bundle. Black Ops 3 bundle features a 1 TB harddisk.

ps4 bundles

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