PS4 Has Better Specs on Paper But Xbox One Games Impressive – Dev

An Xbox One developer has revealed during an AMA on Reddit that while he can’t comment on the rumours floating around, PS4 does have better specs on paper and by how much is still debatable.

ryse featured

However, the games he saw at E3 like Ryse, Forza Motorsport 5 and Killer Instinct were spectacular and look as good as the games on a high-end PC.

“The facts are on paper, the PS4 has better specs and the most you can debate is by how much,” he wrote. “What I can tell you is I have played Forza, Killer instinct, and Ryse on the Xbox One. They look as good as the games I play on a high end PC. Ryse reminded me of darksiders II.”

Microsoft did show a lot of games at E3 and definitely managed to impress a lot of people. Titanfall turned out to be the best of the bunch as evident by the amount of awards it won for being the best of the show.

He had also earlier revealed that the amount of features that use Kinect is too many to count and removing the device would undermine Microsoft’s guarantee to game developers.

“The goal with having a Kinect ship with every Xbox is to guarantee to game developers if they implement Kinect features into their games, everyone who has an Xbox will be able to experience it,” he added.

“I often see people dismiss the Kinect instantly because they haven’t seen it work like I have. It is an integral part of the Xbox One experience.”

Both the consoles will be released later this year.

  • kevin

    I can respect an honest opinion as compared to dribble spoken by fanatic.

    • Counterproductive

      I believe you mean the biased opinion of someone who develops for the Xbone, trying to spin the tide of public opinion in his favor.

      • PS4isthebest

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    • SONY

      The only ASIAN console that rules = PS4
      Go buy our consoles, and thanks for making SONY the richest ASIAN company!

      • raph

        lol what an idiot, Nintendo is richer than sony even if they make televisons bastard … they dont just sell games but toys too !

  • PS4isthebest

    Xbox One/PC = Microsoft for the win.. its a no brainer.. Microsoft is the home of games.. fuck PSpoor and its freeware OS and asianese game catelogue

    • JerkDaNERD7


    • dclipe

      maybe you should do some research about where the all of SHITBOX180 parts were made from….yup that’s right bitch…not even American made.

      • PS4isthebest

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      • Kreator

        You mad?

      • Blaze Blue

        What is your point shit face. Xbox is not made in Japan. So I don’t see your point. He is talking about a Sony product not a Chinese product also ps4 is not made in Japan. Again what was your point?

      • tlcdlite

        Just about everything is made with cheap child labor..iphone included ps4 included.and so and son. .so what’s your point?

    • 3775525

      ironic, considering what your name is…

      • PS4isthebest

        PS4 is so bad its a joke..

    • Jessika S.

      but your name is PS4isthebest, all I can say to you is deal with your Bipolar Disorder first and then deal with choosing your next gaming console friend.

      PS. Please come up with a better nickname then PSpoor doesn’t really stick like Xbone.

      • PS4isthebest

        a woman debating gaming.. now ive seen it all LOL

        • Jessika S.

          …..and that says everything about you!

  • extermin8or2

    Isn’t that because they were running on high end PC’s I heard/saw evidence of? :S

  • MotherBitches

    De Jua Vu : PS3 was a bitchin system…developers chose the simplicity of 360 and yawn-ported games to PS3… God Damn you developers!!! @%#$

  • jonamo

    The article mentions he saw at E3 and then he’s quoted as ” I played Forza..Ryse..on the Xbox One”. The E3 showcase for Xbone was done on a kit with an nvidia GPU running Windows 7. There’s a dispute here as to whether the developer actually played those games coded on the original Xbox hardware with AMD GPU and different OS and drew conclusions.

    • John Joe Silver

      The Xbox published games were all on Xbox one dev kits that was confirmed

      • Toni D

        The only Xbox One game at E3 on dev kit, was Lococycle.

        • John Joe Silver

          lococyle was the only one not on a dev kit… forza and ryse were both on dev kits, EA opted to keep their games on PCs, dead rising 3 was on both a dev kit and a pc

          • Toni D

            Just read up about this and the dev kits för X1 looks just like the X1, so someone probably didn’t know this and wrote about it. Lococycle was on PC with X1 specs.

            You’re right.
            And every single PS4 title was on PC or dev kits too and the PS4s was just empty cases.

  • Ed

    PS4 2013
    Xbox One will be next for me 2015

  • kevin carey

    “RYSE reminded me of Darksiders 2” Huh??

  • ZMAN

    “Ryse, Forza Motorsport 5 and Killer Instinct”
    this is where I stopped reading. Stupid Dev! Probably some idiot that only understants 1s/0s. Ryse renders like an arcade game, just like infinity blade. Infact all 3 of those games have similar low priority renders. Racing, fighters.. look pretty only from certain perspectives in the game. Turn each of those into a FPS immersive world then comes your jaggies and cartoons.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Given that Xbox One looks as good as high end PCs, wouldn’t that suggest the opinion that PS4 games look better than high end PC games? Or at least in the long run after some time will look better? Let’s be realistic here people-not that I care which has the better graphics but it is still an interesting question for even the most dedicated PC gamer or hardcore gamer.

    • tlcdlite

      Same applies to x1,don’t you think?

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        For now. When both consoles release we’ll see which one has an edge over the other or if they’re equal after all.

  • o0RECON0o

    All people want is the ability to disconnect it and reconnect it when they choose, that’s all. Seems fair to me.

  • brianc6234

    But the PS4’s games are even more impressive. I hear they look at least twice as good as Xbone games.

  • ImperialAgent

    Some facts – Sony are a company in crisis leaking billions every year, firing employees and selling off assets just to stay afloat. They’re worth $17b compared to Microsoft’s $235b. Why is it so implausible to people that MS may have some secrets? It’s unlikely that they’re happy with being 2nd best this gen. They came into the console industry aiming to win and to own it. They have the resources to do it too. So far it just looks like they’re willing to roll over and die and offer a console which is worse. There are plenty of good questions and a lot of rumours. It’s not ridiculous at all and you can’t exactly prove that it isn’t true. We just have to wait and see.

  • cozomel

    This dev sounds like a real fanboy to me, Kinect really? I think this guy is a MS shill