PS4 Hardware Re-imagined in Different Colours


ps4 purple 1 color


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  • Jeezy

    I Want the White one

  • Prince William

    White is neat. Sony must seriously consider this as another launch day bundle.

  • MattS71

    White one very PS1 retro feeling

  • David

    Love the white and black one

  • SpeakTheTruth

    All except the white/silver were far too vibrate of a color choice. Not in the sense that you couldn’t have a red console but in the sense the shade of colors were just too bright.

  • datdude

    If I had seen these all at the same time, I would still choose the black one. The white one is nice, but it would be an eyesore in my entertainment system where just about every other device is a sheen or gloss black.

  • thisdude

    greyish and black one is amazing

  • James Angood (Sidewinder1386)

    It’s nice to see some of my art was featured in a blog…wasn’t expecting these to get out. Although it should be pointed out that the ones with the colored touchpads are from another artist, and the ones with the black touchpad are from me. Here’s my album. Feel free to tweet it to Sony and tag me @jangood1

  • dominion1978

    I want the red one.

  • IamMe

    Sweet. My brother is getting a purple one and I’m getting a yellow one for the Minnesota Vikings.

  • Eric64

    well i see the white as a possible color but knowing Sony, they don’t get to festive with their consoles as far as color like Nintendo was with the N64. how ever all these ps4’s look sick and id happily own each color if that were possible and hope Sony sees articles like this one and get this idea in gear and in production. this would be a big selling point for ps4 i believe :)

    • James

      You might be able to get one custom made

  • Atum

    White one look nice. Where’s the original Playstation gray PS4?

  • James

    I would Love To have Rather Blue, Red, or GOLD!

  • Alexander Steiner

    Alexander Steiner PS 4 Gold Post

  • Tyler111

    I got the black. I want gold

  • ThatGuyWithATopHat