PS4 Hardware Design Recreated Using 3D Modelling

A Reddit user has created a representation of what the PS4 hardware could look like.

Sony had earlier released a trailer hinting that the hardware will be shown on June 10th, and there were glimpses of the PS4 shown in it. Using that trailer and specific shots of the console, the user has managed to put together an impressive looking console.

Plenty of people have done the same before but this may be the best one yet. The images of the PS Eye camera also look quite like the ones Sony had shown earlier when they revealed the controller and the camera, so he may be on to something.

Check out the gallery below.

Via Reddit.

  • Anonymous

    Hope it looks like that, looks very futuristic and way better than the XBOX ONE

  • joeblow

    How did you miss the big ROUND vent?

    • Francisco Sousa

      my thoughts exactly

  • test

    That is wrong… Where is the circular part that seems used for ventilation

  • Veritas

    Looks like a piece of shit, but that’s $0ny for you. Xbox One is already breaking preorder records. Curtains for PauperStation and the rest of Sony soon after.

    • Hélder Chamba

      it’s breaking records cause the PS4 isn’t available for pre-order in some places lol… Xbones are very funny…

      • Randall Johnson

        So are people who call people who like Xbox “Xbones”.

        • Ana Helušić

          lamebox losers hahhaa

          • Randall Johnson

            Really? Lamebox?

          • Nintendo is awesome

            She can’t say anything else, look at her history, she’s mentally retarded, like all paupers.

          • Randall Johnson

            I like Nintendo fans. They’re nice. I wish I had a Wii U, though.

          • Ana Helušić

            yep reatrded just like you, lamebox idiot hhahahaha

      • Nintendo is awesome

        PauperStation fans just show that they are the ultimate retarded bunch every single time.

        • Ana Helušić

          a glup si ko kurac hahahaha

      • Francisco Sousa

        Xbones lol

  • Xino

    looks good, feels like ps2+ps3.
    but what’s the pie slash on the side for?