PS4 graphics “phenomenal”, huge RAM makes innovation likely – Analyst

PS4’s massive amount of available RAM is something that the industry has been cheering ever since its announcement.

It also makes innovation possible according to Wedbush Morgan analyst, Michael Pachter at the SXSW panel. He has also called the system impressive and said that the 8-core CPU allows for a huge improvement. You can check out the full specs as well.

He also predicts that the system will sell 85-95 million units lifetime compared to PS3 which is at 76 million right now (based on Sony’s shipment figures).

The pricing, he believes, will be under $599 which will allow the system to get a significant boost early on however it has not been announced yet. It seems likely to be revealed at E3.

He also predicts Microsoft’s Xbox 720 to sell the same amount.

ps4 sales 1

Image credit: Geoff Keighley

Does more RAM really lead to innovation? It’s something we have to ask because there have been plenty of innovative games that have not relied on pure hardware strength to stand out. However, when you look at all the AAA games and the comments of developers that say RAM has been a major issue for them this generation, it’s hard not to believe Pachter’s words.

The market for dedicated gaming consoles is shrinking and considering the Wii U’s poor performance when it comes to sales, it doesn’t look like the next generation consoles will sell more than the current generation ones.

It’s possible for the PS3 and Xbox 360 to sell 100 million units each in two years if they maintain their current momentum, but overall considering the new players in the market like Apple and Google which are taking away core consumers, it will be hard for the next gen consoles to replicate the same.

ps4 sales

  • Holyfire

    PS4’s RAM won’t make innovative games. We’ve been capable of innovative games generations of hardware ago. Some of my most nostalgic memories come from N64 running max 8 MB of RAM. And some of those games were more in depth and intriguing than what we get dished today.
    We need developers to CREATE innovative games. And I think Nintendo has succeeded way and by far most on that front with their fitness and sports games. Something their competitiors couldn’t achieve on platforms with 8 times the performance (Though at least for 3rd party’s sake, the Wii coulda been a tad more powered)

    • Optomist

      You’ll find that everything in childhood is better then being in adulthood. Do you remember Santa Claus? The Tooth Fairy? The N64?

      • Holyfire

        Many adult ppl are still remembering that generation and its successing generation today though, unlike Santa Claus and the Tooth fairly.
        There’s a reason for it to. Games in some cases were actually more sophisticated then.
        Purely as a couple very miniscule examples, NFS Underground 2, Vehicular customisation that would impress a mechanic, and real to world driving physics (not perfect but close). Then compare it to NFS Most Wanted today. Just a kids racer, flashy cars off the bat, power ups, mindless bash and crash racing. No skill required.
        And Perfect dark N64. That game still has as much (if not more) challenge and mental skill requirments as well as features that are included in shooters today. Was years ahead of it’s time. And brought ‘firsts’ to the FPS genre.
        Textures at infinately high resolution won’t make a non-destructible, non-interactive and inanimate evnironment more fun to play in. Which does require processing power, but we already have more than enough
        Games are lacking creativity and effort. Period. Almost the sole and only reason ppl get bored of them, not because ppl are getting used to the visuals. Crysis 3’s modest success and reviews is an example

        • Optomist

          I dont care…

          • Holyfire

            Yep, u pretty much summed up what the general conensus will likely be for the visuals in next gen games. Very much including PS4

        • SirCrush

          Gotta disagree with you here…ingenuity in game design is CURRENTLY at an all-time high despite the restrictions console developers are faced with. On PCs and phones/tablets, games are truly striking a new chord in gameplay not to mention the consoles themselves which are also finding new and improved ways to enhance a gamer’s experience. Journey? The Walking Dead? Bit.Trip.Runner? Little Big Planet? Those are but a few examples.

          The best-selling games ARE rehashes of familiar experiences but it is misleading to say that games are lacking creativity in the modern era. I have a feeling the next generation of consoles will pave the way for these new gameplay mechanics and types to garner much higher sales and attention and ALL gamers will benefit as a result. Hell, those of us “in the know” already HAVE benefited.

          • Holyfire

            Creative games do exist, but processing performance has little to do with it. That’s just an excuse devs use. And Im looking forward to the next gen. Already got my WiiU
            But as for PS4, it’s performance might be all the world, games will look great. But an FPS on dual analogue is still gonna be sub bar play. Dual analogue RTSs, dual analogue diablos, will still be the same as PS1 days.
            Sony is hyping themselves well and true now mainly off their processors, but it still wont achieve kinect like applicatipns (gaming or otherwise). Still couldn’t pull off Wii Fit, still no Wii sports, still no point and aim shooters
            At least not with out consumers landing many more dollars into the already sure to be highest price system.
            Alas PS4 will be running Modern Warfare 10 and killzone 7…..on dual analogue

          • SirCrush

            I prefer shooters on Consoles, with a DUal Analog controller. It feels more like an immersive game as opposed to their point and click PC counterparts.

            True, in most cases performance has little to do with creative games but I am hoping that changes going forward. Alot of indie developers are now taking their creativity to the smaller games but what happens when those same geniuses are able to produce games with much higher performance backing them? I truly believe (perhaps foolheartedly) that the next-gen of games is going to see an explosion of new ideas that utilize the power that is available to them. Developing using that power is becoming less and less expensive. One can only do so much with those smaller types of games. WHile the power and expanded RAM isn’t NECESSARY for creativity, it can open up a whole word of possibilities if people choose to allow them to.

  • Smack Jack

    No! RAM does not lead to better games, only PS fanboys say that.

    Developers need to make and invent better games themselves but having more RAM puts less of a limit on the imagination.

    • Thomas McBrearty

      Jealous PC fan-boy above?
      Yer I think so :)

      • HarryMasonHerpDerp

        The PS4 articles are full of PC fanboys.
        They don’t understand that nobody cares what a current PC can do because no developer is going to utilize the power.
        Instead you get games like Crysis, an incredible looking game but boring as hell to play.
        Give me “inferior” looking fun games any day.
        I think the last PC game that actually mattered was Half Life 2.

    • insaner

      RAM DOES lead to better games, look at the Total War games on the PC, the innovation with each installment, the massive scope of the series, the maps the battles the AI the physics etc… you honestly think Rome II will run on 1GB of RAM? Try Shogun 2 with 1GB of RAM and see how “playable” it is even as a minimum requirement for XP.

      1. People expecting Avatar graphics are ridiculous
      2. The PS4 is a closed-box environment meaning developers can take advantage of its hardware functionality
      3. PC will always be one-step ahead, but developers will barely ever meet its potential whenever it takes a step, most games are Console ports
      4. Early PS4 games that ran around 2GB (first kits), expected not to be a major leap, but once we get to third-gen games it should look better

    • Zilla

      So these engineers that designed this thing are unfamiliar with your claim, and they designed it incapable of taking full advantage of its hardware? Doubtful. I’m sure they have some high level techs who know what they’re doing.

      • Jacob

        Remember that it’s Sony. They’ve fucked up big time before on countless occasions.

    • Jacob

      True, the PS4 presentation was a bad joke.

    • EveryDayIsRealLife

      We have a jealous PC fanboy onboard, watch out fellaz, someones bad that Killzone and DeepDown which are both in the prealpha stages look better than anything for PC’s that cost the same as the PS4 400-600 price range…and yes RAM leads to bigger games, better physics, animation etc…

  • Andrew Peart

    Meh, I’ll believe it when I see it. 8GB of RAM isn’t massive, it’s now perfectly normal to see a PC with 16GB of RAM – whether or not it’s utilised. 8 core processors are also nothing new, it’s average hardware already. Sure it’s got the whole ‘APU’ architecture, but it simply can’t compete with the raw processing power of a dedicted GTX690/HD7990.

    • xenocea

      See the above poster from your post.

    • SirCrush

      Except, like, a rig like that costs double or perhaps triple the price that the next-gen consoles are rumored to be based at.

      • Andrew Peart

        You’re right, it does (triple is probably the more accurate). Though there are benefits that come with owning a PC though, even if they’re not immediately obvious. The same games are much cheaper to buy on PC (Steam), and often go on sale much sooner than their console versions with greater discounts – we’re talking 75% off! A good gaming rig also has a similar lifetime to that of a console cycle, I’m still rocking 2008 hardware and running any game I can throw at it. Even then, if it starts running a little slow, grab some faster/more RAM, a better CPU, or a newer graphics card for, at most, 200 bucks and you’re set.

  • J B

    We’re all kind of analysts, aren’t we? I laughed out loud at this one though…expects PS4 to sell “x” units, Microsoft to sell the same amount. This analyst (me) could have made the same prediction! Since analysts don’t write code, and since analysts don’t have crystal balls, I think I’ll just wait to see how things unfold, and then make up my own mind.

  • Michael Munnett

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  • Mariusmssj

    just to let people know that laptops this year are going to have same
    kind of power as PS4 as AMD will be releasing Kaveri chipset with
    unified GDDR5 support.

    • Jacob

      Exactly, the PS4 will already be surpassed before it is released. Dedicated machine or not.

  • Dudes

    Why do people say Google and Apple are “taking away core consumers”. I’m a core consumer, and I happen to own a console, and a phone. I play games on my console because touch-screen games suck ass.

  • mike

    Sorry guys, but we’re in 2013, 1080p is a standard, HD TV channels change the way we watch TV, phones and tablets do 1080p as well.high resolution is basically everywhere.
    I want my new consoles to output great games, WITH great graphics.
    A new Mario game? I want it to look like a toy story movie. A Mario kart? OK, I want gran turismo/forzas- like graphics. A new donkey Kong? Why not, but I want a jungle and trees like Crysis. A 2d metroid? Yeah, but I want avatar-like graphics. A new Zelda? Great, but I want it to look like lord of the rings movie, volume, etc.

    Nintendo had luck because offering a Wii to his son became a trend, because everybody was doing it. With the Wii u, Nintendo thought’ let’s make a console with weak and cheap components, call it HD, everybody will rush and get one’. No luck, people don’t want another dust collector machine, like the first Wii became, after 2 months, kids and people simply stopped playing, because once you have played all the Nintendo titles, all marios, karts,Zelda’s,metroids,monster hunters ,etc, there are simply no more good games to play, from other editors,and all the games that get released are shovel ware, where you control big eyes-square faces characters, where you move your controller up and down, to cook an egg. Mums and dads did the error once, won’t do it twice.barely only fans buy the Wii u. Even in japan, where people literally eat Nintendo food, they don’t care about the console at all, it sold like 40’000 units last week, when, normally, it should have sold like 300-400’000 units in one week. Poor sales, so poor even Nintendo start to worry. With those sales, and without 3rd party support, the Wii u won’t survive.we’re already in march, close to April, big shows and announcements are approaching, all the Nintendo fans that are still on the fence and don’t know if they should puck a Wii u or not, they will be following all the news about the ps4 and x720, totally forgetting the Wii u. And by July, when the E3 arrives, the Wii u will only have had a few new games released, and people, specially the huge game-eater Japanese market, will be playing and discovering 20-30-50 incredible titles for the ps4, the x720 will be announced as well and may as well be released next Christmas, people will see millions of gameplay videos from great AAA sequels, and its not the few games that may have been released or may be released during 2013 for the Wii u that will detract their attention from the upcoming consoles. The Wii u had one year to sell 15-20 million units, so many studios start being interested on making games for the platform, but that year is almost half consumed, and most studios that didn’t quite believed in the wiiu will lose the last little interest they had. Its a tough situation for Nintendo, and fans should admit it.another Mario or Zelda or Luigi game won’t make 20 million sales, until the ps4 is out.even the ports like cod or mass effect 3 are selling really badly, and please, Nintendo fans, don’t bring ‘innovation’, ‘creativity’, ‘amazing touch controller’ to the table. Nintendo , since a huge long long time, stopped making great new games, and only rely on the classic Mario’s, Luigi’s, Mario karts, Zelda’s,etc etc etc, all the games that have been getting small upgrades from the prequels, its always the same stuff, just with slightly better colors, and nothing more. Honestly, and I’m not bashing or trolling, honestly, where is the innovation from nintendo gone, since many years ago?

    With the Wii u, I was hoping Nintendo would release a new super Mario game, with real textures and graphics, instead of the 20 colors on the screen, like on the nes or super nes. I would like to see that new Mario in a real world, still in 2d, but real textures, real grass, real stones, real sky and clouds, with rain, snow, fire, enemies with high polygon count, with a 10000 polygon super Mario(heavy rain game on the ps3 was like 15-20000 polygons). I would like a super Mario like that, still having to save the princess, but with textured graphics. Then, I would call it innovation, would say’wooooowwww’, and the Wii u would be right near my ps3. But no, Nintendo still uses the same characters, the same color schemes, the same everything, just like a Wii, GameCube,super Nintendo, etc, everything looks a bit crispier now, but a character done with 300 polygons and 30 colors, for example, Mario, will look the same at 320×240, 480×360, VGA, 720p,1080p: its a bit crispier, but it remains the same.

    Why can’t I have a Mario game done with real textures, instead of some flat colors?
    Because Nintendo absolutely don’t give a damn about me, us, our full HD televisions, all they want is release a game with new maps and mushrooms, with a few new colors, so the kid that bought the last super Mario on the Wii run and get the next one, for the Wii u. They rely like 95% on their own titles(Mario’s…), and hope to sell consoles with only those titles, without 3rd party support. Well, M. Nintendo, looks like many kids grew up and started playing on the ps3 or x360, leaving the Wii untouched after 2 months of use, and looks like many, or most fans are a bit fed up and tired of playing the same old games. A super Mario or a Mario kart may be one of the best games ever, but after a moment, people want to see other things, new and fresh things. Also, many people, who already had a ps3 or a x360, simply bought a cheap Wii, because they could pirate it, and have some new games, for free.every father and mother that I know , a few days after buying the Wii, they started asking me or other people how to hack the console and where to download games, and how to play them. All those buyers didn’t buy a single game, only bought the console, naked. All these people already own a ps3 and x360, and never will they spend $400(in my country) on a Wii u.they have tons of great games to play on their systems, and, like the ps3, there’s still many amazing games coming out for the ps3, like tomb raider, god of war, the last of us, beyond two souls, etc etc, which is more than enough to keep them busy until the ps4 is released.

    You see, Nintendo, maybe 30-40% of your consoles were bought solely for playing pirated games, and unlike you thought the would do, they won’t run and buy a Wii u. They are saving money for the next ps4 or x720, they are buying the new god of war or the last of us, but in any case, even in your craziest dreams, they will spend money on a Wii u.

    My comment is a bit long, I may look like a Sony fanboy, no, I’m just telling the truth about the Wii u, and you, you and you over there, Nintendo fans, its hard to admit, but look at the Wii u’s sales, and you will recognize I’m right.

    And please don’t come with ‘ its a new system, it needs time for the developers to get used to’. Zombiu was an exclusive title, and its poor, compared to games from the ps3 or 360. And it will look even worse compared to the upcoming the last of us.
    There isn’t a lot of power under the hood, and we see it in games, and in comments made by developers. Even ports like mass effect 3 look poor, and the developers know how to code and get every Hz from the CPU. If the ports didn’t look any better, its simply because there was no more power left. So we shouldn’t expect a 100% gain on the Wii u performances for the second wave of games.
    And no, the touch controller doesn’t make the game better than on other consoles with a standard controller.

    You can downvote my comment, but in 8 months you will come here, read it again, and will say’damn, he was right!’

    Ps4, its gonna be insane.I’m sure it will.

  • SoCal_JP

    Apple and google aren’t taking core gamers, they are taking casual gamers.

  • mg42

    Analysts => Anal Lyse (in german sounds better :ugly:).
    His words only are confusing usual consumers. A console is only a obsollescent piece of hardware after release.

  • Sterling Cole

    Do you honestly feel Apple and Google are taking away core consumers? Really? LMAO!

  • Guest

    “He also predicts that the system will sell 85-95 million units”

  • Blenge_Squelch

    Good graphics =/= good games. Devs need to stop wasting their time on “uber-hyper-mega-ultra-super-high-definition-3-d” graphics and make games that are, well, fun to play. If a game plays badly, it doesn’t matter how good it is graphically. A turd painted gold is still a turd.

  • F-22man

    That moment when I have 12 GB GDDR5 RAM, yet my CPU runs at 1.3 GHz max. I think this might be a problem with the PS4, the RAM out-powering the CPU, the APU in the PS4 (APU is what I have too) won’t be able to keep up with the RAM, unless the cores’ combined Hz is high enough. In all I think the Ps4 is going to be revolutionary in the world of consoles. Also we ALL know that PC will be better than consoles, until consoles can be modified, PC will be ahead, fact is fact.

    *20 YEARS LATER*

    Console guy :” So I got by Ps7 today, I but 12 TB of GDDR9 RAM in it, and a 39.9 GHz CPU in it”

    PC guy: “Weeak”