PS4 firmware 3.0 Details Revealed: YouTube Broadcasting, Twitter Video and More

ps4 featured 1

Firmware 3.0 for PS4 is being beta tested right now. This is a main update for the system so expect tons of new features. We have translated what you are going to get in this new firmware and it’s pretty damn cool.

First of all YouTube broadcasting is in. Just like Twitch, you will be able to broadcast your gameplay to youTube.

There’s a new Event menu that allows you to find events related to PlayStation.

Friend Menu has a community tab which allows you to make new community or join existing ones.

Messaging function has been improved and you can check who is playing what game and you can also start a party easily.

The one I like is that you can also upload 10 second game clips to Twitter. Watch this feature being the best one yet.

We will keep you updated on the release date for this firmware, so stay tuned.

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