PS4 firmware 2.01 has gone live, Fixes Rest Mode Issues

ps4 2.01

Well, that was fast. Sony has just made PS4 firmware v2.01 live and this fixes the rest mode issues that many people were encountering. Their PS4s were not starting if put on rest mode and there was a host of other issues as well.

If the PS4 was not able to start after putting it in rest mode, then the only option was to do a hard reset.

Hopefully, the new firmware fixes this issue. The firmware 2.00 had added a lot of new features including the ability to install themes and customize the dashboard. It also added USB music player and other things. The update was called ‘Masamune’.

There are still a lot of features people have been wanting on their PS4 like the ability to pause downloads. (Edit: Our readers have pointed out that it has been added with firmware 2.00).

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