PS4 event in April/May planned by Sony – Report

Sony will hold another conference for the PS4 and this time it’s expected to reveal a ton of info on the console.

They revealed the system on February 20th but we never got to see how the main console actually looks, and this event could change that. Sony has been preparing a lot of things and this move could signify that they won’t let Microsoft gain the upper hand when they reveal their system during the same period.

This rumour comes from PCMag source which is said to be “familiar with the company’s marketing strategy”. Take this as a rumour for now, because they will also be showing some info on the system at E3, and when you considering how Sony has been revealed new games before E3, it gives this report a lot of validity.

The console is said to have many launch titles. Kaz Hirai, CEO of the company, had earlier explained why they hadn’t shown the system. Developers have reacted positively to the PS4 specs as well.