PS4 European release date on November 13 according to major retailers

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MediaMarkt and Bol, two humongous retailers in Europe, have listed the PS4 for a November 13 release. Now this seems very likely to be the real release date because it would be a perfect time and if it was a placeholder it wouldn’t have a specific release date like that.

Still, this is not an indicator of the actual release, until Sony actually confirms it. Europeans should be ready for the PS4 to release this November just in time for the next Call of Duty game.

What do you think? Numerous European retailers listing the console for November 13 could hint that this really is the date the PS4 will come out in Europe. Sony has not officially announced the console’s release date yet but they did say it will be coming out later this year.

Update: A mod from has said that he has received promotional material from Sony that also mentions the November 13 release date.

Check out the pictures below which show the dates.

Bol Netherlands:

bol ps4 release date


MediaMarkt Netherlands:

mediamarkt ps4 release date


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