PS4 Dev Kit Has A Max Clock Speed of 2.75ghz, Diagrams Uncovered

Sony PS4 dev kit FCC filing has been recovered which shows what the developers have access to, including the ports on the back.

ps4 dev kit fcc filing images

The CPU runs at 2.75ghz at maximum frequency and that’s almost 70% better than the one found in the retail units which runs at 1.6ghz frequency. The dev kit models have a maximum operating temperature of 35 degree celcius.

The unit is a bit bigger than the retail PS4 and that’s understandable since they are usually more powerful and require better heat dissipation. The model number is DUH-D1000AA and it is a prototype Development Kit.

The 8-core Jaguar CPU is said to be very power efficient and it’s not clear why Sony didn’t go with a 2ghz clock speed even though based on this filing it looks like it was capable of being pushed far. The dev kit is much bigger and weighs a lot more and will be only available to registered developers at a very high cost.

Check out the specs below.

ps4 dev kit specs fcc


Thanks, Engadget.