PS4 details: Friends list limit increased, UI informative and shows info about game

There’s a PS4 presentation going on at GDC right now and we have ton of new details from it.

Good news for people fed up with the 100 friends list limit on the PS3, the PS4 will allow you to add more than 100 people. The UI will give you new information about the game without booting it up. You can use it to learn about new DLCs or things related to the game.

PS4 streaming is all inbuilt inside the PS4. The developers don’t have to put in extra effort to get it working.

The addition of 8GB RAM in the PS4 allows Sony to drastically increase the user experience by enhancing the UI of the console. The remote play is also not on the developers and there’s no special mode required to enable it. The developers also do not have to do anything to make it work, except mapping controls to support the Vita version.

More details are incoming from GDC, stay tuned.