PS4 could launch in mid 2014 due to production delay for key components

So far plenty of rumors have been suggesting that the PS4 will be delayed, but we could finally have a confirmation for that.

According to an Amkor chart from Oct 2011, everything was going according to plan with no delay for key components as you can see in the chart below. However, a latest chart from February 2012 shows that there has been a production delay for Si Interposer + DDR + Logic by 6 months, which pushes it to mid 2014.


ps4 delay


ps4 delay 1

The chart above can be found in the PDF here. This is from October 2011. The latest chart from February 2012 which you can download here (via SemiA) tells us that there has been a delay. It can be found on page 10.

Sony should be targeting for a 2013 launch for the PS4, but considering these components are very vital to the type of architecture they are aiming for, things aren’t looking too rosy.

A delay could make them miss the vital holiday season for 2013, which will give a massive advantage to their competitors. Since Microsoft has been rumored to go with a similar architecture, this production delay could also end up affecting them as well.

Both consoles are said to be using AMD components, and Amkor is one of its vital suppliers.