PS4 controller features revealed

The PS4 controller was leaked recently and we’re pretty sure it’s the one Sony has been planning for the system.

We also have the features of the said controller and unfortunately it doesn’t have an LCD screen as the leaked image would suggest. The final look could be different but we doubt they would change the features of the said controller.

Most of the basic buttons are obvious since it’s just an upgraded version of the PS3 controller Dualshock 3. The size of the controller is a little bigger than the PS3 one, and it’s supposed to have the touchpad in the front.

The design looks pretty simple as you would expect of a PlayStation controller, since Sony haven’t been changing the core design a lot. The sticks seem a bit bigger and there’s also the share button that was rumoured to be in the controller earlier.

Here are the features:

– Digital Buttons:

  • Directional buttons
  • Triangle, Circle, Cross and Square
  • L1, L2 and L3
  • R1, R2 and R3
  • SHARE (reserved for the system and cannot be accesed by the application)
  • Touchpad clicks
  • PS (reserved for the system and cannot be accesed by the application)

– Analog Buttons:

  • L2 and R2

– Sticks:

  • Left and Right

– Touchpad:

  • Two-point multi-touch (with mechanical click)

ORBIS Controller has an electrical capacitance touchpad where the position at wich the user’s finger is touching the pad can be detected. At most, two points can be detected at the same time.

– Motion sensors:

  • 3-axes gyro sensor and 3-axes velocity sensor

– Vibration feature:

  • Large motor and small motor

– Light bar:

  • RGB LED (reserved for the system and cannot be accesed by the application)
  • iplayps3

    I hope its bigger than the ps3 controller, the ps3 controller is painful on the thumbs after long term use if you have big hands, at least that is my experience. I’ve found the Xbox 360 controller fits my hands better.