PS4 and Xbox One Will Support Used Games – Gamestop President

Gamestop president Tony Bartel has chipped in and has said that the next gen consoles will support used games.

He said that, “Both Sony and Microsoft have said games can be resold and that’s exactly what we anticipated. It’s a recognised way to make these games more affordable. All three new platforms understand that.

“As people upgraded to PS3 they traded in their old systems and libraries, which is why Sony made the move to not support backwards compatibility with later iterations of PS3.

“That’s why the ‘buy, sell, trade’ model works well. It enables people to purchase new games by trading in their old ones. We expect to see the same thing with this transition for PS4 and Xbox One. Trade-ins allow for a seamless transition.”

This is contradictory to claims by other outlets that the Xbox One won’t allow used games and you will have to pay a fee to play the game on another console. However, Gamestop president carries a lot of clout so he probably is saying the truth.

Via Forbes.

  • Ali Baloch

    We Belive Sony Ps4 Will Play Used Games