PS4 and Xbox One Initial Stock Sold Out On Amazon

We know for a fact that the PS4 launch day edition was sold out really fast on Amazon, within a few days of the price announcement by Sony.

ps4 and xbox one featured image

While the Xbox One has been chugging along slowly, the recent DRM reversal boosted the pre-orders a bit and finally the system has also sold out at the online retailer.

Amazon had this to say about it:

“After a crazy and exciting month, we’ve sold through our initial allocations of PS4 and Xbox One,” they revealed.

“Thank you to all who have ordered and shared your opinions. We have the Standard Editions for both consoles still available, but we can’t guarantee these at release. Please check back here as we’ll update you first if we receive further release day allocations.”

The PS4 and Xbox One will be out later this year and are priced at $399 and $499 respectively.

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