List of PS4 and Xbox One Advantages (updated after DRM U-Turn)

ps4 and xbox one featured image

So Microsoft backed from their DRM policy which is a good thing since a lot of consumers are pleased. So what makes both consoles different? The Xbox One is now exactly like the Xbox 360 where you can trade in games and enjoy used games. The PS4 is quite similar too so which console should you pick?

Here’s a list of all the pros each system offers and this has been created after the new policy of Microsoft. Both the consoles will be released later this year and now you will also be able to import the Xbox One if you don’t live in the 21 countries Microsoft has officially announced the Xbox One will be launching in.

Check out the list below. Which console do you prefer? Let us know below.


  • Chancho

    50% is not slightly also a lot of this is wrong or inaccurate.

    • Rich

      So what makes it wrong or inaccurate?

      • tigertomspill

        4870 is just under 8% faster than the 4850 at the same clocks. Since the only
        difference between the 4850 and 4870 (apart from the clockspeed) is the GDDR3 vs
        GDDR5 memory, the real world performance benefit of GDDR5 memory appears to be
        8% on average. This is only one game, though. I wish someone would do a more
        thorough inverstigation of this.…=192690&page=4

    • tigertomspill

      I agree that funny that it 50 percent more powerful, it more like 15 percent at best if you know anything about computer and how cpu and gpu work…

  • Kif12345

    The guy who made the image said: ” each console has ups and downs” really?
    Whats downs has the PS4? i see no downs with the PS4….

    1. Self Publications for Indie Devs
    2. Rechargeable Controllers for DS4.
    3. PS Camera is optional(Making the initial cost cheaper).
    4. Remote Play with Vita
    5. F2P games on launch(Black Light & Warframe ETC.)
    6. Streaming PS3 games via Gai Kai
    7. Director’s Mode(Give control to your friend)
    8. Console is actually smaller(Looks better too IMO)
    9. GDDR5 = Lower Power Consumption and easier to develop for and is also faster.
    10. OS is only 1 GB vs 3 GB on Xbox One.
    11. PS4 comes with a headset (Xbox One doesn’t)

    • Xino

      what’s a director mode? never heard of it

      • Baron Von Dukstch

        Basically you can take over the game for a friend on your system and play to help them out, or add/remove things to assist your friends. These features are left to the developers to include them or not.

    • hi.

      I will say, this list is stupid, because everything listed here is the same for

      Xbox One. The Xbox will have better games and better developers anyway, so have fun with your PS4 with your 6 year old playing LittleBigPlanet while I kick some ass on Ghosts.

      • Kourosh Ward

        I can play call of duty and battlefield on the ps4….just like my ps3.
        Then go and play exclusives from naughty dog, guerrilla and more that I can’t play on my pc.
        And if I want to play titanfall and Xbox exclusive, I’ll play them on my pc. Better quality than your xbone lol. Only redneck Xbox fans think only Xbox has call of duty and NFl as exclusives lol. Whatever you can play, i can play on my pc. You can’t play, the last of us, uncharted 1,2,3, metal gear solid 4, kills one 2, 3, ni no kuni. Ghosts… apart it’s sold more on the PS4 than xbone good luck playing it with less players

      • Yaras

        It’s not the same for Xbox One… and we all know PS exclusives are better, as their developers.

        First: ”have fun with your PS4 with your 6 year old playing LittleBigPlanet while I kick some ass on Ghosts.”- At least I can play both of them! You know… Ghosts isn’t an Xbox exclusive, I can buy it anytime and play it. Anyway… REALLY?! COD is becoming a piece of **** compared to Battlefield. While DICE’s games improve a lot, COD stays in the same place! Next Gen game MY ASS! MW3 dogs looked better than the new ones. Dude, come on! Don’t use COD as an argument! I don’t care about freaking fishes! It’s always the same!

        Second: PS4 will have LOTS of exclusive content: AC4, Destiny, BF4… without counting the F2P games (you know… ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE, WARFRAME, BLACKLIGHT, DC UNIVERSE, ETC!)… and the indie games such as Outlast!

        AND… we have PS Plus, which means: 10$ cheaper, lots of free stuff, early access to Betas, free games, a whoooooooole bunch of discounts, an enormous game library…

        So, yeah, I prefer having fun developing my son’s creativity and, you know, DOING SOMETHING USEFUL, instead of playing a freaking copy-pasted game with thousands of unpolite annoying kids who fail at everything in their lives because they’re all day sitting at home yelling at people!

        • Erin

          Actually the Xbox One has Bf4!

      • cozomel

        What a fucking fanboy! better developers? really? are you smoking something? and “ghost”? really, you’re pathetic, cuz 1.) ghost is coming out on ps4 the same day as x1’s and 2.) cod is weak, which means you’re opinion is weak too!

      • Attimus

        Please at least try to be objective…it’s really great that you love playing games on the Xbox platform, so do I. No one is trying to take that away from you. However, looking at the comparison above and it’s clearly obvious why pre-orders from major online retailers reflect a much higher yield to the PS4.

    • AvangionQ

      You forgot about the upgradable hard drive. With bluray disc games, installing will take a *lot* of space per game. I was planning on upgrading to a 4TB HD nearly immediately to save myself the trouble later, this is only an option with the PS4. Wonder if Microsoft will come out with an `elite` version of their system, which includes a 4TB HD next year … maybe I’ll get both then.

    • Slyshooter10

      Lol dude xbox one comes with a headset now quit making up stuff.

    • Erin

      Xbox One Does come with a headset!

  • Truth100%

    50% is not slightly also a lot of this is wrong or inaccurate.

    • David Vaughan

      Actually, your wrong and inaccurate! The PS4 is NOT 50% more powerful. It is slightly more powerful, but not by 50%! Your tag “Truth100%” is therefore inaccurate and misleading. Please STFU and go away. Thank You.

  • Axe99

    TL:DR at bottom is spot on – this November, all gamers win :)

  • JJ

    Without the PS4 lego eye the controller blue led is useless

    • Murica

      The entire Kinect is useless.

    • Yaras

      At least it has the option.

  • Xino

    ps4 is a BEAST!

    Also price for Xbox 1 VCR DVR has changed, there’s an SKU for $399 without kinect

    • Sock

      You know that’s not true right? Because you need the Kinect to even use the Xbox One.

    • Kourosh Ward

      Thats not true yet. Rumours only suggest next year. Kinnect was made into the system and os.
      Go home xbox

  • Xino

    Tomb Raider Guardian of Light 2 on PS4 as exclusive? yes please! someone make this happen

  • Kourosh Ward

    People uses 3gb of ram for its os. Ps4 only uses 1gb for os and share

    • Yaras

      It’s still more than enough. I’m not paying 500$ for 2 more GB.

      • Kourosh Ward

        They both have a total of 8gb. Xbox uses 3gb of it for the os, leaving only 5gb for games. Sony uses 1gb for os, 7gb dedicated for games.Which is clearly better for playstation.

        and its PS4 is DDR5, xbox is gddr3. If you have a pc with ddr5 it clearly runs better than a pc with ddr3 if they both have the equivilent specs.
        Another advantage for PS4

        • Eiodalin

          Well it may have more ram but if you can’t fill the ram then it’s useless for linux which the current rumor is that the OS which is code named orbis is running a modified kernel of FreeBSD 9

  • LoStranger

    Very good list Alex, you forgot to mention though the Xbox One has 32MB of ESRAM

  • Diego

    Here’s the big one for me $100 Cheaper! I can buy a PS4 and a 2 year PS+ subscription for the price of XBox1

  • That guy

    Why is cloud processing/computing for the Xbox one not on this list?

    • LiamT

      sony has that too. they have announced it at E3. which is better is the question i guess, only time will tell there. but since i dont play online much its not a big thing for me.

  • jctejada

    As always… The PlayStation will be for the grownups and the Xbox will be for the kids.

  • doctajuce

    Just throwing it out there that ps+ (and I assume xbox live gold) is not required to play in general, it’s only required to play online multiplayer. As an added bonus, the ftp games don’t require ps+ to play either.

  • stomponyourmouth

    It’s funny to me cause the ones crying here are all ps4 fanboys. “Ps4 is for grown up, xbox is for the kids” ITS A GAMING CONSOLE! THEY ARE NOT MADE FOR OLD MEN IDIOT! Its made to game for any age. ok so First of all if your PS4 is so awesome then why do you bitch and moan to defend it? If its so great you wouldnt need to defend it. Truthfully these two consoles are amazing machines. And callind an xbox a VCR, really! if my vcr looked that good and did all that an xboxone can then maybe I would of kept it. So quit picking sides and be happy that we all get fun great looking games.

    • Eio

      Average gamer is in thier 30’s…

      • Jake Langner