PS4 and Xbox 720 desired by Ubisoft CEO

Ubisoft, who showed Watch Dogs at E3 this year, might have been expected the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft to be announced at the event.

The game was clearly next-gen and wasn’t intended to be running on the current gen consoles in the state they showed it. Furthermore, Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot thinks that next-gen is overdue already and prolonging this gen is reducing the revenue gained by third-party companies due to the lack of innovation.

“The transition has been very long. We need new consoles and at the end of the cycle generally the market goes down because there are less new IPs, new properties, so that damaged the industry a little bit. I hope next time they will come more often,” he revealed to Polygon.

EA had also said that very few publishers invest in new IPs so late in a generation and it’s something that stifles creativity.

“Everybody who is taking risks and innovating is welcome because there are lots of hardcore gamers and those guys want new things, where the mass market will be more interested in having the same experience,” he said.

“It’s not aware as much of what is going to change its experience. So, the beginning of the machines is always a good time for innovation.”

Ubisoft have released the fantastic Assassin’s Creed 3 which featured a new protagonist and an entirely new story, and Far Cry 3 is also getting phenomenal reviews. This year has been good for them when you consider overall how dull it’s been.

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